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Supreme Vaporizer

The Supreme Vaporizer is absolutely, the top, the most powerful and highest quality vapor producer in the world.   So-called "top vaporizers" like the Volcano, DaVinci, VapeXhale, Mighty, Arizer, and a LONG list of other vapes will never perform as well as the Supreme because the Supreme utilizes a patented technology to eliminate the "streamtube effect" which causes 95% power loss.

To understand the streamtube effect you must know the difference between a streamline, streamtube, and laminar flow.  The picture below shows air flowing past an airplane wing, a red section called a streamtube, and multiple blue streamlines inside of the streamtube.  A streamline is a path traced out by a particle as it moves with the air flow.  A streamtube, by definition, can only have laminar flowing streamlines.

Laminar flow is defined as particles moving in parallel to neighbor particles where particles paths NEVER cross.

Laminar flow is incredibly strong and does not like to break apart.  No matter how fast the airplane wing above is moving, almost all streamlines directly in front of the wing will compress and flow smoothly around the wing without ever touching the wing.  This fact is very important when you try to smash air into a heating element (whether its a hot coil or other heated structure).  Only a super thin layer of air will contact the heating element while the majority of air will pass without contact.

Pictured below is a cross section view showing laminar flowing streamlines inside a red colored heating element tube where streamlines are represented by small dots (red and blue) moving in a laminar direction INTO your computer screen.  If a streamline makes contact with the heating element it is colored red, if a streamline never touches the heating element it is colored blue.

Notice that a huge majority of dots are blue and they never touch the heating element.  If you look inside a 1mm diameter round heating element tube with a microscope (and imagine the example above) and you were able see tiny atoms represented as dots, you would see hundreds of trillions of dots and you would see that more than 95% of them NEVER touch the heating element.  This is the streamtube effect and causes 95% loss of power in heat transfer.  The heat transfer rate of any vaporizer can be estimated by visualizing the streamtube effect inside the heating element.  Air is just like electricity and will always take the path of least resistance.  If you give air any opportunity whatsoever to slip away, like providing a little hole, it will always slip away with minimal contact. 

The Supreme Vaporizer uses a multistage air processing system to completely eliminate the streamtube effect.  Below is an air flow diagram showing the air flow inside the Supreme Vaporizer heating element.  Next to that diagram is a picture of the actual plates inside the heating element.  Each plate systematically agitates air in 3 dimensionally different directions BEFORE it sends that air to the next plate to be further processed.  Using tactical corners, each plate directs air into a 180 degree turn (up-down circular spin) when air first enters the front/center of the plate, plus it creates a different spin (left-right spin) using the front/sides, then it shoots that turbulent air towards the middle of the plate (in a forward-back direction) which crashes turbulently into the middle section of the plate until that air finally stabilizes into laminar flow to enter the next plate.  It does this 11 times until the streamtube effect is 100% eliminated.

Most vaporizers have a very high failure rate in their air processing system due to the streamtube effect.  Have you heard of the V.A.S. syndrome?  It stands for Vaporizer Acquisition Syndrome and is caused by a lack of aerodynamic knowledge.  If you don't learn how a vaporizer mechanically processes air, in order to eliminate the streamtube effect, you'll keep buying shitty vapes.  The V.A.S. and the streamtube effect are both very real.  Don't buy another vaporizer until you understand the streamtube effect.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

I love my new supreme.. This thing is such a beast and the clouds are second to no other vape and the low temp hits are sooo tasty.

Absolutely brutal, choking hits and now I'm way too vaped and people returning soon, what a buzzkill

Holy clouds on clouds!! this thing kills all my other vapes!!

DAYUM!!!! i am blown away at 300-310F so going up to 386F......oh my!!! will try that....

this thing just rocks my world! i hooked it up to a 3 foot zong the other day at a buddies (caught it brand new before he muddied it up) milked it a few times with the supreme and we both were blown away! this thing has converted more of my combustion friends to vaping than anything because of the huge clouds it produces.. it cooks the bowl completely evenly and i have mastered the temps i like!

My first time using the SUP3 was just as tasty, cloudy, and enjoyable as my 3rd or 5th.... No learning curve! (helped that Lazy let me know when to stop heating the block). Hey Lazy, have I EVER during any of our testing getogethers with so many vapes ever said that "I'm buying one of these!" right after the first hit??
Thanks again Lazy! My wife hates you! [:tup:]

Those who have seen my previous Supreme 2 videos know how I loved it....
The Supreme 3 surpasses that.

Night 2 with the Supreme 3 and it is just a crazy piece of equipment!
I am not sure of the heating of the first two models but the 3rd is so simple!
The first night i over did it a bit and hit 165C, the hits were sublime...

Flavor intensity/purity is the best I've ever had from a vaporizer, with total consistency. That sounds like big talk, I know. But conduction heating in an aluminum tube + quite a bit of hot air pushed through makes some quite thoroughly vaped herbs.

my supreme hits AMAZING. thickest hits I've ever had, slightly thicker than the UD

Seriously, I love the Supreme 3! A#1 vape well worth the cabbage.

BAM! Extracts fast and maintains the heat. The damn thing is a marvel. If you already have glass and a decent torch this vape is a complete no-brainer.

The supreme definitely rips & milks better with a single/smaller tube or bubbler, but with the percolator and especially the ice, milking it thick and holding it ~8 secs is very doable with no coughing [:brow:]

The Supreme 3 is an amazing game changing and very underrated portable torch vape IMHO! This is QUALITY vapour, and I can see how it makes most other vapes in the industry redundant toys.

I received my SV2 on May 31st and thought I would give a short review. The unit arrived packaged very nicely in bubble wrap and tape. After spending a couple of minutes reading the new information about the new mouthpiece I decided to give it a try. The SV2 design is very similar to the SV1, the heat exchanger is the same design as the SV1, and the wood handle is slightly shorter than the original. The mouthpiece is a completely different design with 2 screens, and the inner screen fits against the bowl holding your vaporizing material in place.
I would have loved to put this review up yesterday but after the first few hits I was annihilated! This baby hits as well as the SV1, and I was in a vaporized coma the rest of the day. The desire to get the first review of this unit was overpowered by it's amazing effects. I had been using my VB for the last couple of weeks, due to the fact I was using an acetylene torch to heat my SV1 and blew a big hole in the heat exchanger, totally destroying the unit. I do love my VB, but it is not nearly the beast the SV2 is, and the effects from the SV2 are extremely superior to any vaporizer I have tried.
I did find that the smaller size made it a bit harder to keep from touching the heat exchanger, and after using it a couple of times, decided to use the original screen set up along with the new screen design. The biggest reason I used the old screen design is that when I store the unit, usually in a ballistic nylon case, the original screen will hold the vaporizing materials with the mouthpiece detached. The smaller size does make it a bit more stealthy.
The new cap-insulator for the heat exchanger is very nice, as I put the cap on to store it at 300+ degrees, with no ill effects to the cap, which was excellent for storage purposes and to keep from getting burned.
The little torch Ed sends with the unit is capable of heating the unit, but a larger locking torch works better, heating the unit to vaporizing temperature in around 60 seconds.
Seriously folks, this has got to be one of the best, if not the best overall vaporizer on the market. The fact that it is portable is just icing on the cake as far as I am concerned. This unit gives thick, rich rolls of fog at very low temperatures, and is extremely efficient at low temperatures. The highest temp I go to is 330 degrees, and after finishing at 330 degrees, the material will not release any more vapors, even at temps up to 400 degrees.
Even though you have to be careful not to get burned on the heat exchanger, this is an excellent unit, and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. It hits like a plug in model only better. If you like thick, rich vapors in a stealthy design, this is a unit everyone should have in their collection.

the Supreme 3 is His newest unit, and as you have read, it is "The Bomb"

The BOMB is an understatement!!! [:rockon:]

The flavor that it produces for such large hits is really amazing

You guys weren't kidding...smooth, big hits! And the bowl is small, but not too small. My nugget came out like a pellet from the VAP3...fully spent all the way through. The temp display made it easy for me avoid combustion...for me this is the easiest-to-control of the flame-powered vapes.

Gotta say the handle is one of the things I like most. It makes everything so easy. Different strokes for different folks. The utility of it hits all my buttons.

everyone who's into thick clouds should defiantly get a chance to rip a supreme.

Thank you Ed, You are an amazing inventor and a hell of a guy, your invention will keep me happy and smiling for many years to come!

I purchased a new Supreme #2 when Ed was having his clearance sale, so I have an extra in case anything ever happens to my first one. This is one vaporizer I will want to use 20 years down the road, and should stand that test of time. Like I always Like to say ... Keep It Simple Stupid, less parts to worry about, less parts to fail.

you can have perfect thick awesome vapor in very little time