Supreme Vaporizer

Dually package includes:
Supreme Vaporizer 3 Dually, two bowls, two screens, two 14mm seals, two 18mm seals, two silicone mouthpieces, plus extra repair parts you will most likely never need.

Shipping in the United States is $8.20 (We only use USPS Priority shipping), plus CA tax if applicable.  Shipping outside the United States is $25-40 depending on location.  We do not ship vaporizers to Iowa, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Illinois.

We will only accept a return if the product is damaged and un-used (due to legal issues)

Must be at least 18 years old and of legal age in your area to order.

Contact Ed at if you would like to order parts not available online.

(This product is not intended for any illegal use) 

***The Supreme Vaporizer 3.5 single bowl version is currently available by contacting Ed via email at

It is a slightly different than our original Supreme Vaporizer 3 single bowl design because it is our updated version of it.  Due to limited stock we prefer customers contacting us before making an order request for the single bowl version 3.5.***